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Our Smart Energy Management Gateway solves one of the biggest challenges with electrification: Most sites’ electrical infrastructure was not designed to accommodate entire hubs of EV charging stations. However, with the Gateway, site owners can avoid costly upgrades to their electrical grid. The goal of our smart charging system is to meet the needs of end-consumers without compromising the safety of the site’s operations. The Gateway achieves this by intelligently distributing power across the site. It serves as the all-in-one interface between your charge points, your site’s power grid, and the cloud. By taking into account the maximum circuit breaker current and the site’s demand limit, our smart charging algorithm balances the load across your fast charging stations. The Gateway connects the Swyched App to the site’s charging stations, energy meters, battery storage units, and other local devices.

Another risk faced by EV charging hub operators is the hefty demand charge incurred by exceeding a site’s peak allowable demand. Nevertheless, the Gateway again addresses this problem by monitoring the total power consumption of the site. If our power meters detect that the demand is above a warning set point, our smart charging system will trigger a warning notification via email, SMS, or browser. Similarly, the smart charging system will temporarily suspend all EV charging if the site’s demand exceeds the high-limit set point. This reactive load-shedding ensures that your site’s power draw will never exceed the allowable demand.

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