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Site Management

CPOs can set up EVSE charging sites that include different charging stations. Each site has a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) referred to as site_uuid.

Get charging sites

Payment integrations can only access charging sites that have their specific integration enabled by the CPO.



HTTP Response

Code Reason
200 Response is valid
401 Incorrect credentials
403 Credentials accepted but insufficient access level
404 No charging sites found
GET /charging-sites

Example Request

curl -v -H "x-api-key: <api_key>"


        "site_uuid": 58f63755-c3e3-4960-b54c-dc3d1d7bc0f6,
        "name": "Swyched Lab",
        "alias": "swyched_lab"
        "site_uuid": 9676da4a-38a4-4f9e-a756-a83326c21b18,
        "name": "Test site 2",
        "alias": "test_site_2"

Staging Arguments

Name Description Type
stg Staging indicator. Set to: true boolean

Argument is passed in the payload. Example:

    "stg": true
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